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ProBizz.al, a media platform focused on business development, faced several challenges that hampered its effectiveness and its ability to deliver high-quality content to its audience. These challenges included:

1. Website Performance Issues: The existing website suffered from severe responsiveness and loading problems, which negatively impacted user experience. Visitors were unable to access content efficiently, leading to a potential loss of readership.

2. Content Presentation and Backend Errors: The articles on the platform did not display correctly, and backend errors were hindering content management. These issues not only frustrated visitors but also hindered content creation and publishing.

3. Technological Obsolescence: The reliance on an outdated WordPress setup contributed to many of the platform's technical issues. The aging technology made it challenging to maintain an optimal online presence.

4. Potential Growth and Engagement: ProBizz.al aimed to grow its readership and actively engage its audience. To achieve this, they required a fresh, user-friendly design and better technical infrastructure.

5. Need for Tech and Digital Marketing Expertise: ProBizz.al recognized the importance of tech and digital marketing in enhancing their brand's visibility and reach. However, they lacked the in-house expertise required to implement effective strategies in these areas.


Our primary goals for ProBizz.al were to revamp the platform, ensuring that it provides an exceptional user experience and to leverage our expertise to contribute to the growth and success of this media platform. Our goals included:

1. Website Revamp: Redesign the website with a fresh, modern, and responsive design to enhance user experience, making content easily accessible and readable.

2. Technical Improvements: Resolve backend errors and upgrade the platform to address technological obsolescence. This involved improving content management and ensuring that the website operates seamlessly.

3. Content Enhancement: Assist ProBizz.al in improving the presentation and quality of their articles, ensuring that they are error-free and visually appealing.

4. Growth and Engagement: Support ProBizz.al in its quest to expand readership and actively engage its audience through strategic tech and digital marketing initiatives.

5. Ongoing Management: Provide web management services, ensuring that the platform remains optimized, up-to-date, and secure.

6. Consulting for Tech & Digital Marketing: Offer expertise and consulting in the fields of tech and digital marketing to enhance ProBizz.al's online visibility and audience reach, thereby maximizing its impact in the business and media sectors.


Our research stage for the ProBizz.al project was designed to gain a deep understanding of the platform, its target audience, and the broader media and business landscape. This research played a crucial role in shaping our strategy and approach. Our research encompassed the following key areas:

1. Audience Analysis:

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of ProBizz.al's existing audience. This involved studying user demographics, preferences, and behaviors to identify what content resonated most with their readers. We also sought to understand the expectations and interests of the audience in the context of business and media.

2. Technical Assessment:

To address the platform's performance issues, we conducted a technical assessment of the existing website. This included evaluating its responsiveness, load times, and overall functionality. We identified the root causes of loading problems and backend errors to inform our redesign and technical improvements.

3. Content Evaluation:

We scrutinized ProBizz.al's existing content to assess its quality, relevance, and presentation. This analysis helped us understand what content was effective, what needed improvement, and how to ensure that the articles displayed correctly and provided value to the readers.

4. Market and Competitor Analysis:

To position ProBizz.al effectively in the media and business landscape, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market and its competitors. This involved studying other business-focused media platforms to identify trends, content strategies, and opportunities that ProBizz.al could leverage.

5. Technological Landscape:

Our research delved into the technological environment, including the use of WordPress and other content management systems. We identified opportunities to modernize the platform's technology stack, ensuring that it was reliable and scalable.

6. Tech and Digital Marketing Needs:

We assessed ProBizz.al's tech and digital marketing requirements, understanding their current expertise and needs in these areas. This analysis helped shape our consulting and support strategy, aligning it with their goals and capacity.

7. User Feedback:

We collected and analyzed user feedback and comments, both on the website and through other channels, to gain insights into the user experience and areas in need of improvement.


Our solution for ProBizz.al, a dynamic media platform focused on business development, was designed to address the challenges identified during the research stage and to provide a comprehensive transformation. Here's how we executed this solution:

1. Website Revamp:

We embarked on a complete redesign of the ProBizz.al website to offer a fresh and modern user experience. This involved:

  • A responsive, mobile-friendly design to ensure that readers could access content seamlessly on any device.

  • Streamlined navigation, making it easier for users to find the information they seek.

  • Technical optimizations that drastically improved page loading times and resolved backend errors.

  • An elegant, user-centric layout that allowed for improved content presentation.

2. Technical Upgrades:

We overhauled the underlying technology of the website, transitioning to a more robust and modern content management system. This addressed the issues related to website performance and content management. It ensured that ProBizz.al could operate efficiently and manage content effectively.

3. Content Enhancement:

Our team worked closely with ProBizz.al to improve the quality of their articles. This involved:

  • Eliminating errors and inconsistencies in content presentation.

  • Ensuring that articles were visually appealing and easy to read.

  • Enforcing best practices for content creation and delivery.

4. Growth and Engagement Strategy:

To help ProBizz.al achieve its goal of expanding readership and engaging its audience, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which included:

  • Targeted content promotion to reach a broader audience.

  • Audience engagement tactics, including interactive elements and feedback mechanisms.

  • Analytics and tracking tools to monitor user behavior and gather insights for continuous improvement.

5. Ongoing Management:

We offered web management services to ensure the platform's ongoing optimization, security, and performance. This included regular updates and maintenance to keep the website running smoothly.

6. Tech and Digital Marketing Consulting:

Our team provided expert consulting in tech and digital marketing. This involved:

  • Guiding ProBizz.al in implementing effective digital marketing strategies.

  • Offering technical support and advice to enhance their online presence.

  • Collaborating with ProBizz.al to identify new opportunities and trends in the media and business landscape.

Through this comprehensive solution, we transformed ProBizz.al into a high-quality media platform that provided an exceptional reader experience, expanded its readership, and positioned itself as a reliable source of business-related information, success stories, and talent recognition, both within Albania and internationally. This solution also ensured that ProBizz.al had the technical infrastructure and digital marketing strategies required to achieve its long-term objectives.

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